Are You Lazy? Quiz

Are You Lazy? Quiz

Take this quiz to find out if you are lazy, or not! Let's see, shall we?

published on August 01, 201471 responses 14 3.8★ / 5
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If you were asked to get groceries while watching your favourite show, would you get up and go to the grocery store?

Of course!
Maybe in 5 minutes!
While watching my fave show? No way!

Do you have a pet you are responsible for?

No! I'm to preoccupied with what's on tv!
I don't but I used to!
Of course! I love animals!

Do you have Instagram?

Yes! I go on it every day and all night!
Yes. I go on it occasionally
No, what's Instagram?

Why are you taking this quiz?

Because I think I'm lazy!
I have no idea! I don't even know why I'm on
the computer!
Just for fun!

Do you have cable?

Of course! It is my life!
Why would I need cable when I have my soccer

Do you prefer playing outside or watching tv?

Watching tv
Playing outside

Where do you like to vacation?

Nowhere without a tv!
Somewhere with a beach!
Somewhere with a place to run around!

What's your favourite colour?

Anything bright like yellow!
Black and anything dark
Anything like orange and red- warm colours!