Does Your Crush Actually Like You Back?

Does Your Crush Actually Like You Back?

If your honest, this test will be accurate. Trust me. Also, this will work for people who wonder if someone who they don't like likes them, not just crushes.

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How often do you talk to him?

A lot! Every day!
Meh, maybe every week or so
Every once in a while

What do you two talk about?

School, homework, other stuff.
Deep things, the universe, time, other
We don't
Plans for the weekends, teasing each other,
Uhh, anything really, whatevers on our minds

Do you see him a lot? (In your classes, work)

Nope, I almost never see him
We have a couple classes together
We have all our classes with each other, I sit with him at lunch
Most of them
We don't have classes/same work but I see him at activities later

How similar are you two?

Not at all/idk
Really similar
We're practically twins
Some things are similar

Does he look at you a lot?

I catch him looking at me sometimes
Only when he catches me looking at him
All the time! He smiles and waves
NEVER *starts crying*
Yea, he just looks away though

Honestly, do you think he likes you?

proably... NOT
maybe, he's sending mixed signals
i'm hopeful, he seems to like me

Does he have a girlfriend?

They just broke up
No, but I've heard he likes someone else....
Yes, they're happy... :(
Yes, but he's unhappy

How do you act around him?

Reallly, REALLY quiet
I'm never near him
Normal, I talk to him
I tease him/joke with him
I blush and talk to him a bit

How does he act around you?

He is never near me
He teases me and stuff

How well do you know him?

REALLY WELL! I know his favorite color, animal, what he likes to do, ectBBasic informatio
I kind of know him
I know a pretty good amount about him
I... actually don't really know him
Basic informaton

Have you two ever touched

Yes, high fives, hugs, that stuff
Yes... I felt really awkward
His brushed my arm before
Yep! We've hugged, held hands