your own personally made song

if you choose the answers carefully, you'l get a song made up of all your answers just for you, then you can create a tune and sing it!

published on July 10, 201444 responses 10 3.8★ / 5

What describes you most?


What meaning do you like for a song?

I'm always in partys/I love partys
Video games are whole new journeys
Life is precious
We are free

What are your interests?

computer stuff
having fun with friends
Doing beneficial stuff/helps you or other people

What type of song do you prefer?

Sadistic, true, meaningful (like 'All of my memories')
Hip hop, jazzy tunes (like 'dark horse')
Songs that have no reason there just for fun (like 'i'm sexy and i know it'

What type on lyrics?

Slow and beautifully sung

Favorite line out of these?

We are free,
Forever, you and me!
I like to be dancing in the moon light rather then sunbath in the sun
cause in life all that matters, is just for me to have fun
I can travel to a far away land
when really i'm at home with a controller in my hand
you'l die either way
how would you know this isn't your last day?