what kind of friend are you

this quiz is about how good of a friend you are and this quiz will tell you if you are a true friend or a bad friend

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if your friends boyfriend broke up with her and you have liked him since kindergarden and he asked you out what do you say

I would love to go out with you
Sorry...I don't think sooo
guess we just need to keep it a secret

if your friend was a nerd what would you do

would you laugh at her with the other popular friends
be her friend for who she is
secretly be her friend because you are afraid to be laughed at

would you ever lie to your friend for anything

Yes she sucks and can't keep a promise
NO!!!...she is my friend

you have a secret that you have never told anybody would you tell you friend

YES!!!...only her
NO!!!!... never only the popular girls

your friend is sick and you were supposed to go out to eat what do you do

go with someone else
stay home with her and make her soup
go on a vacation and send her a postcard

I it was prom and you friend was wearing a really ugly dress and all the popular girls were laughing at her what would you do

laugh at her with the popular girls
would you tell here kind words and go on with the night
would you not talk to her the entire night

you friend spills food on her at lunch what do you do

help her clean the food of her and tell her its ok
laugh at her with all the popular girls