What role would you have been doing during WW2?

What role would you have been doing during WW2?

Do you prefer working outdoors, in a group, or in more risky adrenaline filled situations? Take this quiz to find out which role you would be in if you were conscripted and no longer had the choice of doing an office or technical job.

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What was your favourite subject at school?

Physical Education (P.E.).
Design Technology (making things with your hands).

If you had to pick an area of work to go into what would you choose?

Skilled/ technical job (e.g plasterer, mechanic, designer).
Outdoor job (e.g. builder, farmer, sports person).
Working with the public/ Public service (e.g. customer service, office work, teacher).

Would you like to do a range of jobs or stick to the same one?

I like to know exactly what I am doing - Stick to the same role.
I would like to do a similar sort of role but vary the tasks somewhat.
I would like to do very ranging tasks to keep things new and exciting.

What do you value the most?

Staying in the area where you come from.
Having the chance to be posted anywhere in the UK.
Giving up my time freely and not having to stay in exactly the same role all the time.

Which of the following draws you the most?

Being in the thick of things - playing an active part and working with the general public.
Being in the background but having a risk/ adrenaline filled environment with targets to meet.
Being far away from the fighting but doing a physically strenuous job.