What dinosaur are you? (1)

Find out what prehistoric beast you may were in a previous life. A peaceful plant eater or a vicious carnivore?

published on June 06, 20147 responses 2 4.5★ / 5
What dinosaur are you? (1)
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Favorite vehicle

Ferry boat.

A perfect new job as a researcher has been announced. You...

Rush in, smash anyone in your path. It's your job and you can feel it.
Move in slowly, with sharp movements. Strike at the right time.
Bah, this job's not for me.
Have a backup job ready in case you fail this one.
Go in sure for yourself, but without raising too much dust.

You have an argument with your family and you get upset. You...

Now is not the right time to get upset.
Never mind.
Get in room and slam door.
They're my family, they must be right.
Find a way around the argument, get a gain out of it.

Relationships with other people

Leader of the group, king of society.
Just sort of a pleasant backbone in a group.
Stand around listening to things you don't even know or care about.
Listen and talk only when you have something to say.
By saying clever things that make others feel you're superior, you get the lead easily.

What color do you like the most?

Dark colors.
Bright, fiery colors.
Blue colors.
Green and earthy colors.
Gray colors.

Your friend goes to the cinema with someone else. You...

Not my friend anymore. He comes around again and I will punch his nose to the other side of his face.
Well, of course he is going to have more friends than just me only.
He never really went anyplace with me at the first time, so why get annoyed?
I have other friends too, so I'll invite someone else to go to the cinema with me.
Go alone to the cinema, find friend and ask him things to make him feel uncomfortable.

What food do you enjoy?

Wheat products