Which historical assassin are you?

From failure to utter and sweet sweet success, presidential to not-so-political, you'll soon find which assassin you most resemble.

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If you could run the world which platform would you choose?


would you consider yourself a martyr for your beliefs?

in my own little world, yes..
Nope i'm a lost cause

How good of a shot are ya?

Not too shabby
Gotta be point-blank

Would you consider yourself rich or poor?

Not super rich, not super poor..
poor man...
i'll make money however necessary..i'd say im well off
i don't need money.

How would you consider your ability to plan?

I take my time to plan things out and make sure i'll succeeed.
i like to try to plan but i usually get it done in the spur of the moment.
plans are conformity..

Are you successful in life?

i'm a failure..
i got involved in the wrong business..
i consider myself a martyr to my own cause.
Of course, the people wanted this!

Are you a conformist to society?

Only to stay hidden
My heart lies with only half the population

Are you a fan of american unity and patriotism?

Of course! But i do it for my own betterment.
Well, i like America but not it's political figureheads..
I'm a fan if it helps the homies, yo.
What even is government?
The south will rise again!!

Would you serve in the military for your beliefs?

I don't like conformity so nahhhh.
The draft and the military isn't helping the masses..probably not.
Maybe on a domestic front, this in regards to civil statute..
Of course! Better to be behind the gun than in front!
I'd rather serve in a more....secretive military...

Would you work well with others?

individualism is key
i work FOR others
i'm the man i do what i want