Where is Your Dream Get Away Vacation?

Where is Your Dream Get Away Vacation?

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After long hours on the plane and no free peanuts, you've finally reached your dream vacation destination! Whats the first thing you wish to see?

Clear blue skies. The smell of fresh air. Nothing like connecting with nature!
My adoring fans. I have places to be and people to see, so I'm hitting the red carpet as soon as I land.
A live performance, big roller coasters, a lot of families having fun!
Hand in hand, you and your mate want to see every historic location. Fountains, art museums, you name it!
White sand and blue waters. It feels good to relax

Since they didn't give you free peanuts on the plane, you're starving! Where do you eat at?

Candy. Cakes. Anything with sugar.
I'm going to get up at the crack of dawn to fish! Maybe later I'll go hunting for fruit and game! The wilderness
provides all the food I need
One word: sushi
Eat? I’m in no need to eat! There's shopping to be done!
I'm in the taste for some fine Italian cuisine. Alfredo, spaghetti and meatballs, just lay it on me!

Okay, now that you've landed, ate, and unpacked, it's time for some afternoon activities. What's are some things you do for fun on vacation?

I definitely got to check out the beaches. I like the sand between my toes, and the wind in my hair. Its time for rest
and relaxation!
I want to hit all the hottest boutiques!
My lover and I would take a romantic gondola ride down the Arno River while being serenaded by a musician
Ahhhh. I love the great outdoors. Hiking, fishing, you know really becoming one with nature.
I want the ambiance of magic and good wholesome fun, rides and roller coasters, gift shops, something the whole
family can enjoy

After having tons of fun the whole day, it's time to recuperate in your room for the next hours. By the way, where are you staying?

I just have to pitch a tent, roll out my sleeping bag, and get the fire started to get a good nights’ sleep.
I'm definitely staying in the heart of the city, I need to be around the nightlife.
I love to stay in a traditional, budget friendlu hotels! Something close to the fun!
I'm staying with my mate in the honeymoon suite.
A shack with ocean floors

After recuperating, you're ready to PARTAY! Where can we catch you partying during your dream vacation?

I'm catching the fireworks tonight after the big show.
The only party I need is solitude and the night sky. You can't see stars in the city like you can in the country.
Nah I think I'm going to skip the excitement and stay in with my mate tonight. We have a bottle of wine on ice and
each of other, what else is there to need?
Oh gosh there's so much I want to do! Deep sea diving, snorkeling, swimming with fishes, and checking out local
shops and stores are all my Itinerary !
I'm at all the hottest nightclubs and bars! #VIPSTATUS

Its the moment we've all been dreading. It's time to head back home. You've had a lot of fun and made a lot of memories. How are you going to make your big departure?

Sharing final tender kisses, my mate and I are more in love than ever!! We might even get a vacation home.
By wearing the most tourist like outfit! It's not a vacation unless you're wearing a floral button up and a lei right?
Bon Voyage mon amie! C'est la vie, non?
Stopping at the gift stop and buying memorabilia! Wacky pictures, postcards and a couple of “This is the greatest
place ever" t-shirts
By lighting a big bonfire, singing songs, and roasting marshmallows!