What The Way We Live Now character are you?

What The Way We Live Now character are you?

Anthony Trollope's novel The Way We Live Now is a classic satire on the snobbish and pretentious upper class society of Europe, and is a commentary on corruption, greed, and even revenge. It also has an engrossing plot filled with intricate characters. Which character is most like you? Take this quiz to find out! *All the pictures in this quiz come from the movie adaptation and the characters look very similar to the way they are described in the book (in my opinion)

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How do you feel about money? Pick the one which applies the most or which you feel will apply to you the most in the future.

How do you feel about money? Pick the one which applies the most or which you feel will apply to you the most in the future.
Not much. What is important is tradition and family heritage.
Some is necessary to live, of course, but money is not important to me.
I will steal money from everyone! Money, grandeur, I will gain it all and spite everyone else.
Nothing is more important than money! It buys houses and finery and enables you to go to parties...
I know others value money a great deal and that it is necessary for me to guard my money and prevent
myself from being deceived or used by others.
If I can use money to get stuff for my boyfriend/girlfriend then it is important. But if it doesn't help my
romance its worth nothing.
I don't care much about money but if you try to take my money I'll beat you up.
I know money is necessary and I hate owing it, but I'm not so good at taking care of my money since
people often put me in bad money situations.
Money is fun to use and gamble with!
I need it to help my family and maintain my own position and I'll get it however I can.
I earn it and I expose those who gain it through dishonest means.

How do you feel about love? pick the answer which applies to you the most.

I will only marry the person I truly love.
Love can be changeable but I hope to find a lasting love, and if I find one, I won't give up.
Love? What's this nonsense. All that matters is have a good home and social life and wealth!
What I want most is to be loved but if I can't be loved I don't want to be deceived.
Love is not worth talking about. I have grander schemes.
Love? I just want to have fun. Who needs such foolery?
I will sacrifice anything for the one I love and I will make that person pay if he/she betrays me.
Romance is a foolish notion but love is a deep thing which lasts forever.
I will slave away for the person I care for no matter what but I don't thing romantic love is worth
Love has no relation to my present ideas. I am concentrating on justice.

If you found out someone was committing theft what would you do?

expose him/her. I'd let everyone know and I'd make sure everyone knew that I was the one who let
everyone know.
who cares? go ahead and please give me some money too so I can go to the arcade.
That is terrible. Someone should denounce that person.
Everyone steals. It is sad but true. I wish people were not so greedy but I can't do anything.
I'd make sure I had nothing to do with that person.
Thats too bad. I thought that person was wealthy and I was going to try to get money from him/her but
now that would be to risky!
Hahahaha that is such puny crime! I would steal so much more and no one would ever know!
Oh I would date the person, take the money, and then dump him/her.
I would expose him/her and I would take no credit for so doing. It is only right to expose this criminal.

Is it alright to lie?

Some lying can be necessary but I prefer to avoid it and I actively criticize people who lie.
If it gets me a boyfriend/girlfriend I'll lie, of course.
It is alright if you do it to support your family.
Never excusable. It is a serious thing.
Lying should be avoided, but sometimes you have to hide something, and if it doesn't have anything to
do with the person you are hiding it from, why not?
I'll lie if I need to in order to preserve my relationship, but I hate telling lies which hurt others.
hahaha lying? Really? Whatever lets me do what I want is great!
Over all things I hate being lied to, especially when the lie is about something important.
Lying is just a part my life. Only simple people believe there is something wrong with lying.
Lying is really bad, but can be excused if the person meant no harm.

Are some people better than others? (based on culture, religion, ...)

Yes. People of my religion/culture are superior.
Yes. But if I can get money by it I don't care what someone is.
I'm not sure. I used to think people of my own culture were more refined but now I think every culture
might have its merits.
No. Of course not.
No, but some cultures are more wild than others.
Those who win are superior. I will make all those who scorn others as inferiors learn that as I trample
upon those pretentious snobs.