Who do you remind us of?

Who do you remind us of?

You might be a celebrity or maybe one of our friends. Take this quiz to find out... (btw this is a colab quiz that logan432 helped with, in fact he did most of it, so all credit goes to him) - that's not true Maddy put in a lot of effort too Take the quiz and we'll let you make your mind up :)

published on July 08, 2014 44 responses 12 4.9★ / 5

Are you a boy or a girl? btw if you do get a result that is not your gender it doesn't matter it is still that personality type :)

Boy :)
Girl :)
Girl ;)
Boy ;)
OMG how many answers to this are there! LOSERS!

If you realised you were wrong in an argument would you... (be honest)

Keep arguing. You don't want to admit you're wrong!
Admit you're wrong
Change the subject
tell a dirty joke to change the subject
walk out but then come back and go rob a bank
lol does one really say go rob a bank
ya people do that duh
I would tell a funny joke
what? I love bacon and I wanna be famous
I just want to be rich
You guys are losers. I would sing my way out of the situation
That's not very nice. Everyone is equal
Smart. I would think of a smart way to get out of the situation
Is everybody safe? Coz if you are we can go party!

Perfect day...

Exploring the river
High tea anybody?
Prank call someone and then toilet paper our enemies house. Flirting with guys as well sounds good :)
Truth or dare??? Dirty addition...
make up a funny skit to show friends and make them laugh :)
chill around the pool or go surfing on the beach. Super chill
Look after little siblings or cousins and play dress ups with them...
Go out with my girlfriend then my friends then see some other people. Make sure the day is pact to its full potential!
play video games in my room
come up with a scientific theory
Help at the homeless shelter
Eat bacon and have lots of fun!
Get rich
Get chosen for a singing show and become famous

In an emergency situation you

Tell a dirty joke to lighten the mood
Stay calm and well presented
Think about the situation and say a smart comment
Tell the people to shut up you're trying to chat up this girl/boy (which ever floats your boat)
Tell a joke so everyone can calm don
You are too busy rushing all over the place to do much
Come up with a scientific theory
Go back to your room and play video games
Help where you can and start a foundation to help out what ever the emergency is
Sing a song. You're too cool for this
Try to help but end up making a clumsy mess
Think of a smart way you could benefit from the situation
Help out then go have some fun. (even if it's illegal)

In one word describe yourself (be honest. Think of what others might say about you)

Dirty minded
Wet Blanket
Super Smart
Super Star