Who do you think you are? (2)

Find out if you are a introvert or extrovert! Try to see who the real you is!

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Do you like being the center of attention?

No, I avoid being the center of attention

Do you tend to think out loud?

No! I think things through inside my head.

Do you tend to act then think things out?

I think, then act!

Do you talk more than listen?

I listen more than talk

Are you energized by being with other people?

Yes! I enjoy being with others!
No, I'm energized by spending time alone

Do you communicate with others by enthusiasm/excitement?

No, I keep my excitement to myself

Do you like a fast pace work and like to respond to things quickly?

No, I respond after taking the time to think things through and enjoy a slower pace

Are you seen as heartless, uncaring or insensitive to others views?

no, I think i may be seen as overemotional and weak to others than careless or heartless.
I only care about myself and not what others have to say!

How would you act if you were forced to move out to another house?

I would hate it! i don't like sudden changes!
I wouldn't mind.

Are you the quiet kid who always stays at the corner of the class to not get picked on the teacher for a answer?


Lets say you just got a nice Lamborghini! what would you do?

OMG!! I would soo go out and show myself off to everyone in the whole world!
Just put it in my garage and leave it as that. I don't like showing off.

What would you dress like if you were going to school?

oh who cares. Pajamas/ grab something from the closet.
UMM! Of course i would wear something nice!

watching television or twitter?


phone on silent or on ring?


english class or speaking class?

speaking! its easier for me
english! i prefer writing paper than embarrassing myself in front of the class

Is your room clean?


movies with friends or movies at home with family?

movies with friends

like the party city or the boring city?

party city! who's up?!?!

Its time to ride the bus to school, Do you go sit by the person who smells and is quiet or go sit by the person who talks?

the person who smells
the person that talks!
i like sitting in the front of the bus

Do you use colorful notebooks or regular composition notebooks?