The personality Quiz: What is your personality?

The personality Quiz: What is your personality?

You might think you are smart but after you finish this quiz, you might be dumb, lazy, strong, eater, grumpy, or regular.

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What do you do when you wake up in the morning?

Get ready for school!
How should I know?
Have my extra sleep!
Do my daily schedule!
Get right to eating some breakfast!
Wake up and get changed and brush my teeth.
I hate mornings!
Wah! It's Monday!

A friend asks you to go with them to a place where your parents doesn't let you go to.

Yeah yeah! I'm responsible!
Sure, why not?
Too busy getting my extra sleep!
Some cute girls at the place would probably adore me!
Maybe the place has food there!
Sure. But I need to ask my parents!
I rather NOT go.
Da da da mum mum go ge ga ga! Wah! Sniff!

Your teacher has a test for you and gives you a failing grade because he/she is so lazy.

Argue to the teacher.
Oh well. Better luck next time.
I can't hear you cause I'm sleeping!
Get ready to show your giant fist to the teacher until he/she changes his/her mind.
I'm too busy eating my lunch to notice!
Just explain to the teacher.
I HATE tests.
I don't go to school.

What is your comment about food?

Food is good for you so you can be healthy and strong.
Food or drink? Food or drink? I dunno!
Sleep is more important than FOOD!
I need some for the pie eating contest.
Me too!
I eat breakfast.
I HATE food.
Mum mum!

What do you say when you are on a roller coaster?

Learning is more important than rides.
Slower Slower!
Faster faster!!!
I HATE rides!
Wah hoo!

Which ride would you choose?

The learning ride!
Which one? They are all so good!
The Ferris Wheel!
The Fastest Roller Coaster!
The Throw-pies-in-face ride!
The Atmosfear!
I HATE choosing rides!
The Merry Go Round!

You wake up and you're blue. What do you do?

Call the Emergency services!
Live with it.
What? My face is blue? Liar!
Take a extremely hot shower.
Eat skin colour food!
Tell my parents to give me medicine.
I HATE blue.

What is your favourite colour?

Black or VERY dark gray.
Red or orange!
I HATE colours.
I Dunno!

What is your favourite thing to do?

Read a book.
I have nothing to do.
Watch TV.
I HATE doing something.
Let my parents service me.

How many personalities do you thing are there?

I HATE numbers.

What do you want to be?

A librarian!
A job who is gonna hire me.
A mattress tester!
A sportsman.
A drama show which includes eating, sleeping and other stuff.
I take care of my kids.
I HATE jobs.
I'm not old for jobs.

Where do you want to eat in a restaurant?

Somewhere not too noisy.
I dunno.
Eating at home cause my bed is near.
A regular restaurant.
A fancy buffet!
At home.
I HATE choosing places to eat!
My parents choose for me.

What do you think about Q feast?

Qfeast is to learn to do quizzes.
I don't know anything about Qfeast!
Too busy to do it. Sleeping.
I'm doing it while doing my daily schedule because it is part of it!
I like doing it.
I HATE Qfeast!

What is your dream house?

A library!
DUH! I dunno!
A house full of cushions and beds!
A working rooms with barbells!
A luxury house with a life supply of food and room service!
A regular house is fine!
I HATE house choosing!

Favourite type of game?

Educational games!
I dunno which game!
A game that makes me sleep!
Shooting games!
A drama game!
Board game!
I HATE games!
Baby games!

What is your comment about sports?

You need YEARS of practice to learn how to play a sports.
Play NOW!
I rather not play a sport.
I rather play in the World Series!
Eating and sports are connected in some way.
I like sports.
I HATE sports!
Wah! Smash!

What do you want to do on a very fast ride?

I rather not go on a ride and study.
Let it be.
Go slower!
Go faster!
Go fast, not too fast!
Say YAY!
I HATE rides!
Throw up.

What motto would you choose?

Practice makes Perfect!
Duh uh uh in the Duh uh uh!
Sleep is Great!
My muscles is for the Guinness World Records!
Eating is extremely excellent!
Being regular is rad!
I HATE mottos!
Wah wah wah!

What do you want to be?


You see a bully beating up and teasing a little kid. What do you do?

Fighting is thumbs-DOWN!
Let them beat YOU up instead of the other kid.
Just walk away.
Beat THEM up.
Make them eat sliced caterpillars and the garbage can.
Have a sweet talk that fighting is bad.
I HATE fights!

If you would have one wish, what wish would you have?

A whole library to myself!
I dunno!
To have extra sleep for FREE!
Some more work that I want to do.
A life supply of food!
My life is perfectly fine.
I HATE wishes!

Are you dumb?

I want to be smart.
I've noticed that there is only one question that has only 4 answers instead of 8.
I am not dumb!
It's true!

How many floors does your house have?

One Million!
I live in a apartment!
I HATE floors!

What is your least favourite colour?

I HATE colours!
Wah wah wah wah!

Did you ever had a rumor before in your WHOLE life?

Yes or No? Yes or No? Yes or No? How should I know?
Ask me tomorrow but not today.
I HATE yes and no!
Da Da! Ges! Po!

If a teacher asks you a very hard question, what do you do?

Reply because I'm a GENIUS!
Ask another person to answer for you.
What? I can't here you? Zzz!
Tell the answer sweating to see if the teacher is going to say it is correct.
I'll ask another question. When is Lunchtime?
I HATE replies.
I don't go to school.

You won a $1,000,000 jackpot. What would you do with the money?

Buy a living.
Use it ALL on the Children's Hospital.
Save it in my Chest of Money!
Save it until needed.
Use it on stuff.
I HATE dealing with money.
WAH! Mommy!

What is your favourite flavour of your ice cream?

All flavours existed!
I HATE ice cream!
My parents pick for me.

Where do you want to live?

An apartment.
A used house.
A place to sleep.
A military camp.
A restaurant house.
A house.
I HATE houses.
My parents choose which house to go to.

What kind of house do you want?

A quiet place.
A garbage dump.
A cushion house.
A giant house.
A glass house!
A wooden house.
I HATE houses.
My parents choose for me.