Are You Depressed?

You may not feel it outside but on the inside you probably are, but lets see what my quiz tells you :)!

published on November 17, 2014108 responses 47 4.3★ / 5

Out of nowhere do you just feel like killing yourself?

Yeah but idk why ...
No i wanna keep living!

Are you thinking of all the bad luck/problems that happened to you in the past or today?

Yeah doesnt hurt though!
Nope I am empty minded right now!
Just every single 5 minutes :P

Do you feel bad about yourself on random times?

Yeah ...
No not at all!
Right now i am ...

Have you ever been bullied?

Yeah :/
Naw :D
Today i was!

Which motto?

Happiness, its a word, but if we didnt have sadness in the world then what would happiness be then?
Being happy is a gift that everyone was born with, but some people dont see it.
Explore, Find your joy, You have treasure inside of you :)