If I were a monster, which would I be?...

If I were a monster, which would I be?...

Are you a deadly killer monster with sharp claws and red eyes? Or are you a "protector of light and truth" kind of monster? Or anything in between? Find out now.

published on August 23, 201458 responses 15 4.6★ / 5

*notices you*, eyes open wide.

Are you afraid?...
*Stare back with a noble stance*
*Smiles mysteriously*
*Waits for you to get comfortable to me*

Umm, who are you? You look dangerous...

You don't HAVE to approach me if you don't want to =)
Appearances can be deceiving.
That remains to be seen.
Don't be alarmed, come closer...!
I did not intend to alarm you, be well.

Are you here to kill me?

It does not appear so.
No, I like you *whispers*: "start to pray boy"
I shall offer nothing but justice.
Perhaps, or perhaps you're here to kill yourself?
I wish not that for you, young one.

Okay, so... Who... Or, what are you?

I am merely here to offer my help.
I am the bringer of justice.
The question is, who are you?
No need to worry about me... =)
*Remain silent*

Should I fear you then?

That... Would be wise.
If you wish to, though there's no need.
If you think you should fear me, then yes, you should.
But.. You yet to know what I am.

Are you a good, or bad creature? I can't tell from your answers...

That is for you to decide, with time, young one.
I am good to those who are good, and bad to those who are bad.
What a surprise...
I am good.

One more thing, what is your opinion towards us humans?

You are fun to kill. *Evil laugh*
You are stronger than you appear.
They are smart at being foolish.
They talk about peace yet speak not of justice.
You should care more.

It was fascinating meeting you. Goodbye.

Bless you.
Farewell, human.
Is it?
Goodbye, little one.
Goodbye, oh, and one more thing... *slits your throat*