What rank in a wolf pack am I?

Have you ever wondered, 'what rank am I in a wolf pack?' Well, you've come to the right quiz!

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Do you like to be alone or in a group?

In a group
With a few friends
Only 1-2 friends.

Another wolf walks up to you while you're eating. What do you do?

Growl. Let them
know you mean
Back away and
whine. You want to
avoid a fight at any
Pounce! Thier not
getting close to
your meal!
Snarl! This is your
territory and you
will protect it!

Your drinking at the river. Suddenly you spot a wolf from another pack drowning! What do you do?

Jump in the river
and help them! I'm
a strong swimmer
and can carry them
through the water.
Howl for help. I
can't swim well so
I'd just get dragged
Let them drown.
They are from
another pack so it
doesn't matter.
Get a stronger
swimmer to help!
You're a good
swimmer but not a
strong one!

Think quick! Humans are invading the packs territory! What do you do!

Run! It's every wolf
for themselves!
Oh no! My pup!
I've got to save
him and my mate!
The pack comes
first! Make sure
everyone else is
out of their dens
and then I leave.
them and run!
IDK! It's the packs
problem not mine!

You are hunting. Then you notice a fire. What do you do?

Alert all the packs
in the area! They
need to get to the
river quick!
Alert my own pack.
If the other packs
burn then we'll
have the whole
Run to the river
without alerting
anyone. I hope all
the packs burn!
Alert as many
packs as you can
and hope they