Does your crush like you? (12)

Does your crush like you? (12)

Have you ever wondered if your crush likes you? Take this test to find out!

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Have you ever met your crush?

Yes, we talk a lot.
No...I want to though
Yeah a few times.

Is your crush famous?

I don't know

Is your crush much older than you?

No, he's younger than me.
We're about the same age

Is your crush in a relationship?

Yes, they have a boyfriend/girlfrined!
Yes, my crush is married! :'(
Nope, my crush is single

Is your crush friends with one of your friends?

I don't know

Where did you see your crush for the first time?

On Youtube/Over the internet
On Tv
In my school/work/or a public place.

Does your crush stare are you?

Yes, all the time!
No...but I wish...
I don't think so.

Does your crush smile at you?

Yes, a lot.
No...I wish!
I don't know

Does your crush know you?

No :(
I don't think so

Does your crush even know you're real?

I don't know

Has your crush ever helped you with something?

I've never met my crush

Are you friends with your crush?

No..I wish
He's never heard of me