R u cool? (1)

R u cool? (1)

Im gonna say if ur cool or not but dont be too aad if ur not cool. Jeffie and I are the quiz hosts so have fun!

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You like to kill peeps?

Yeah! So so fun! *licks blood*
No that's disgusting you
freakshow whore!

Ur fave color?

Red! Dark red! And black like my soul!! Hahahha
I like rainbow colors and brown.

Ur fave food?

Meat and blood and peches and pasta
Cake and yum

Do yoy wanna take my Jeffie

Yes hes so cute
No hes yours plus hes so shity and freaky Id never want him!! Ew

Okie last one sayonara!

Bye! *just finished killing a guy*
Bye freekshow I hope you die! *runs away as I kill you and chase you*