Which dance moms character are you?

Find out wjich character from dance moms you are most like. You will descover your inner dancer.

published on November 25, 20183 responses 0

Are you the teachers favourite?

Yes 100%
She like my talent not me
Not at all
She uses me somtimes but doesnt even think about me other times
She likes my personality while I perform
Kind of
Never in 1 million years
Not sure

How do your mums act

Very reserved and calm
She lies
She sc2reams alot
She doesn't get on with the teacher
She has history with the teacher
She doesnt stick up for me
She always embarrasses me
She disagrees with everyone

Do you love what you do

All the time
I do it because of my sister
When the teacher is nice
When I am actually recognised that I am even in the room
I qoild rather just be a normal kid
When my mum stays out of it
When I can be sassy

If you did/do dance what is you favourite style

Any as long as I am actually dancing
Anything but doing Jazz all the time
Somthing which I wont mess up
Anything sassy
A dance when I am in the centre

How much do you like your teacher

Hate her she is so mean
She can teach dance well
She is funny
She is nice sometimes
I like her when we are getting on
Not sure
My mum says I dont