Would you survive Five Nights at Freddy's?

Would you survive Five Nights at Freddy's?

This quiz is to test you whether you will survive the 5 nights at Freddy's! :P

published on October 26, 2014136 responses 64 4.7★ / 5

Do you like Five Nights at Freddy's?

YES! I love it!
Uh, yeah, a bit..
NO! Just no!

Do you find it scary?

Nope! Not even Golden Freddy can scare me!
A bit..sometimes they just make me jump when I'm not expecting them..
Yes! I HATE them so so so much! T-T

Who do you find the scariest? (If you're scared of the game)

Foxy! That little piece of metal crap runs too fast! D:
Bonnie. He gives me the creeps the way he stares at my backstage camera like that! :/
Chica. Her twitching head makes me twitch! :(
Freddy! When he plays his song I know that I'm going to die..
And also when he does that freaky laugh and appears at my screen with no eyes! DX
Golden Freddy! He scares me so damn much! DX DX
I'm not scared of these robot punks! I can survive anything!
Unlike that telephone guy.. R.I.P Phone Guy <3
NO! I hate this game! I hate all of them! I hate hate hate this game! ! !

If you've played it.. have you beaten the first night?

Yes! Duh. That was so easy.
Uh..yeah..just about :P
No! I didn't!
I haven't played the game

A bit of roleplay now!
Okay.. so you are new to this job and it's your first night. As you look through the cameras, you see one of the animatronics have already gone. What do you do?

Close ALL doors and stare at the cameras! I can't let that thing get into my office! (But if you
close all doors then you're wasting power..and you'll die quicker..) o_o Then sh*t..
Use the lights to look out for Chica or Bonnie!
Pfft. Please, just keep checking the lights and cameras. It's not that hard. And if one of them
metal animals come to my door then just slam it down! Gotta conserve power here, dude!

You're slowly running out of power and now you can't close the doors or check the lights. It's 5 AM.. Then all of a sudden every thing goes black. You see in the left hand door that Freddy is there..playing his little tune. What do you do?

Freak out and scream, moving your mouse about. (if you move your mouse then you would
die quicker!) Noo! D: Please I BEG you just get to 6 AM! *freaks out more*
Try to keep still, but can't help looking away. Just keep staring at the time..praying for it to
turn to 6 AM
Stare at him and keep still, the more you move your mouse, the quicker you die! Anyway..we
need to get to 6 AM so we need all the time we've got! Which is like 20 seconds!

You are looking through your cameras, checking on Bonnie, Freddy and Chica. Then you instantly remember about Foxy! If you check on him too much or not enough then he will slowly come out of his cove and down to you! When you go to his camera, he's already out of his curtains, slowly leaving the screen. What do you do?

Freak out, close all doors and keep watching him (that would still kill you..and you're wasting
power -.-)
Check on him sometimes...
Check on everyone else and go back to him. When he's gone and running down the hallway I
will slam down the door! But he might drain my power... T-T

You see a poster of Golden Freddy on one of the walls..
What do you do?

Keep staring at it and freak out.
Scream and, panicking, you change cameras after a while of staring at it.
Change cameras instantly!

If you stared at the poster for too long, you've now got a load of images flashing on your screen (eyeless Bonnie, Golden Freddy and the words saying "It's me!")
What do you do?

Scream and quit the game!
Freak out and shout "go away" while trying to concentrate on the cameras again..
Keep your cool and try to ignore all the images, going back to focusing on all the animatronics.

Okay, enough roleplay! Back to the proper questions..
Which death do you hate the most?

Foxy! I hate it when he appears at my door and screams! D:
Bonnie. Why does he have to do that?!
Chica. She's like Bonnie..
Freddy/Golden Freddy! I hate their deaths! D:
OMG! I hate all of them!
None of them scare me, ha!

Okay guys this is the end of the quiz.. xP You're free from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria forever!

Oh thank god! Please just take me away from this place! D:
Okay..good! :D
Meh. I'm happy I guess, but that place wasn't scary.

Wait! You know that I said..
"You're free from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria forever!"

I was wrong!

What..what do you mean?!?!
Wait, what?

Are you..
Ready for Freddy 2015?!?!?!

WHAT NO! ! ! (They climb through the air vents..and there are no doors..)
I can take this anymore! ! !
There's another game?! (yup, coming out next year! No doors! They climb through the air
vents!) Oh please NO!
I'm ready for you Freddy! Bring it on! (wow you have guts/balls) Hell yeah!