Would I date you? (girls only please!)

Would I date you? (girls only please!)

I was bored and this looked like fun so I figured I would do this to alleviate the boredom. please answer truthfully and I hope you enjoy!

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I am 17 years old, 6'3" with brown hair, blue/gray eyes, and a semi muscular body, I am rambunctious when I'm in public because people in general scare me but when I'm around people I like or trust I'm more calm, I am loyal and willing to take a bullet for my friends, but I am not without my flaws, I sometimes have panic attacks, I do not have much money (personal circumstances, if I could I would get a job right away), I have a very short attention span unless what is going on is interesting to me, or important to someone I care about, and I have an inconsistent case of OCD. I like reptiles, videogames, biking, ultimate frizbee, shooting for sport (pellet rifles mostly),cooking and origami. would you would be interested in dating me? (note: the positive personality info is what my friends have said about me)


say I have done something to offend you but don't know it, what would you do?

Give me the silent treatment... (ouch..)
Tell me what is wrong and let me try to fix it
Yell at me that I need to figure it out myself
Break up with me

What is your favorite color combination of these options...

Black/dark purple
Pink/more pink

do you live in the state of georgia

Rather not say (I completely understand)

How old are you?

Older than you could imagine (I put this answer just for fun)

What is your favorite activity of the options shown

Cuddles and a movie
Movie, no cuddles
Dinner at BF's house, BF cooks
Dinner at BF's house, GF cooks
Dinner at GF's house, BF cooks
Dinner at GF's house, GF cooks
Random staring contest

How many of my likes do we have in common?

None of them