What Type of Christmas Person Are You?

What Type of Christmas Person Are You?

How do youn feel with Christmas? Find out your Christmas spirit by taking this quiz!

published on November 27, 201524 responses 3
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It's christmas eve you ....

Run around the house excitedly, happily singing Christmas carols.
Wonder what you will get for Christmas and watch Christmas movies.
Just chill and act as it was any other day.

You're school has a christmas singing program, you...

Join the program, sing the songs all day, and wear your'e most jolliest Christmas outfit.
Join the program.
Ditch the program and make an excuse why you didn't come.

Your mom puts a gift under the Christmas tree that has your name on it, you...

Run toward the christmas tree shake the present and ask her all day what it is.
Wonder what it is and just look at it for a few seconds.
Continue what your doing and pay no attention to the gift.

Your family is decorating the christmas tree, you..

Join in and hang most of the ornaments on the tree, saving none for your family.
Hang a few ornaments.
Don't decorate the christmas tree.

On a typical Christmas morning you are...

the first one up and beg your family to wake up to open the gifts.
wake up right at the time you start opening gifts
usually the last to get up and is forced to wake up.