Does he like you? (12)

Does he like you? (12)

Ive gathered many information about what boys do when they have crushes and I feel that now I should give it a try. So sorry if this isnt very accurate for you, ill try my best.

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Do you always see him at an exact period or time?

Yes, I see him alot around one time
Well sometimes I see him around one
period and I see him another time.
No not really.

If you have a class with him, does he always raise his hand and get a right answer, or around gym, does he always shoot lots of hoops and has his head in the game?

Yes. He always somehow get the right
answer and does good in gym.
He raises his hand sometimes, gets a right
answer or bad. He shoots hoops and does
good in gym though.

Does he always stare at you and not say much?

Yes. Whenever I pass by he just stares or
He stares sometimes he says hello but not
No. He looks at me and talks to me and

Whenever he talks to you does he laugh and not say much?

Yes, he laughs and awkwardly leaves.
Sometimes. Of course we talk alot and
laugh, but sometimes he acts strange.
No, we laugh and talk and thats it.

Whenever you say something about yourself, does he say that about himself too? (In other words relate)

Yes. Its like if I say I like cake, he says he
likes it too.
Well, when I say I like something, he says
he likes it and which kind, and I say I like
that kind too. It balances out.
No. He either likes it or doesnt.

Whenever you pass by does he some how accidently do something?

Yes. He could be print something look at
me and accidently pour it on his shirt.
Accidents happen sometimes.
No, he looks and keeps doing what he's

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