Which Bleach character are you ?

Which Bleach character are you ?

Answer honestly to the questions and discover to which Bleach character you look like. (Sorry not everyone is here because it would take to much time and I'm lazy lol, but 20 characters are there )

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Would you lie to help a friend ?

No, the truth have to be said.
Yes, if it could help a friend I will.

Would you sacrifice yourself to save someone ?

What ? No !
Of course.
If it's a loved one, without hesitation.

There is an injured person lying on the road just in front of you, what do you do ?

Call 911
Go immediately see if the person is OK.
Look around to call for help.
Ignore them, maybe they aren't injured at all.

What is you worst default ?

I am arrogant.
I am too serious.
I am too laid back.
I can be too cold.
I am too sensitive.
I am stubborn.
I am selfish.
I am jealous.

Are you more serious or more bubbly ?

I am a very serious person but can be fun too sometimes.
I am very funny and cheerful but can be serious when I need too !

Would you spare a foe ?

Never, he loose he dies.
Yes, but only I'm sure he will not try to cause harm to my loved ones again.
Yes, I don't kill people, except if I have no other choice.

Which is you favorite season ?

The hot summer.
The beautiful spring.
The cold winter.
The full of colors fall.
What kind of question is that ? Nobody cares !

What is more important life or honor ?

Life of course, what's the point in still having honor if you are dead ?
Honor, life is meaningless without it.

If you had a zanpakuto what type would it be ?

Anything deadly.
Fire type.
Air type.
Illusionist type.
Water/Ice type.
Who said I wanted to be a shinigami ?
Anything that helps me protect my friends.
Something that heals injuries.

An other funny question ! If you could be an animal which would it be ?

A fox.
A dog.
A cat.
An eagle.
A bear.
A bunny.
A butterfly.
A snake.
A spider.
A wolf.

Do you stick to the rules ?

Tsk. Rules are meant to be broken !
Rules are here to be followed.
Most of the time, except when I disagree with them.

Would you break the rules to save a loved one ?

Without hesitation !
Only if I have no other choice.
One should pay the consequences of his acts.

Do you like competition ?

Yes, and I'm always the best anyways.
No, it cause conflicts.

Do you consider yourself as a smart person ?

Not at all.
Some have said it to me but I don't think so.
I am smarter than most people think.
I am very smart.
Some have told me I'm a genius.

Do you get angry often ?

Yes, I get angry a lot !
No, it takes much to make me angry.

Do you mind fighting at all ?

I'll try to fight the less I can, but will do when I need too.
I avoid fighting at any cost.
I love fighting ! I even do it for fun.

How will you react if someone cause harm to your loved ones ?

Kill them.
Call the police.
Protect my loved ones.

Would you manipulate people to get what you want ?


Do you get irritated around lazy, stupid and/or incompetent people ?

Yes, I don't have much patience especially for those kind of people.
No, I am very tolerant and have much patience.

Are you always blunt, even when you might hurt someones feelings ?

Yes, the truth have to be said, even if it hurts.
No, I might sugarcoat it but I won't say something that will hurt somebody.

What is your favorite color ?

Who cares ?

Are you loyal ?

I'll follow my superior/friends/family even in hell.
Only if I agree with the person.
I don't see the point in following someone else, you make your own choices and assume alone the consequences.

Do you trust easily people ?

Yes !

Do you forgive easily ?

Yes, I always end up by forgiving people, even if they don't deserve too.

When asked to do work, what do you do ?

Do it at the last moment or don't do it at all.
Do it immediately to have so time off.

When two people are fighting in front of you, what are you doing ?

Get between the two of them.
Try to reason them.
Get into the fight !
Go find someone who will help me to separate them.

What are you doing in a party ?

I am the host !
I am the DJ.
I am on the dance floor !
I am flirting and meeting new people.
I am drinking at the bar.
I mostly stay close to my friends.
I don't attend to parties.

Are you curious ?

Very !
Not at all.

When someone provokes you, how do you react ?

I break their nose. You search me you find me !
I ignore them, they only want to play interesting.

Do you often put others needs in front of yours ?

Yes, a lot.

(this one is only for fun) Which is your favorite ?

Pilled Ice
Anything sweet !