How well u know Dimo?

How well u know Dimo?

For every right answer dimo get's kicked in the teeth by a horse aa to tam dvama ludi se karaha do kat speshe

published on January 19, 20161 response 0

How old is dimo?


what is dimo's real name?

Dimo thehobothatsucksoffanotherhobos
mitko kaisha
abe toz da ne e izvraten

where was dimo born?

in the trash bin
in the hospital a.k.a at an AA meeting while he was drinking in his mom's stomach
he wasn't born

what is dimo's biggest fear

Being raped by a horse *this one is false dimo would enjoy it*
dropping his phone in the toilet
to stop drinking

what was dimo suffering from last sumer?

erectile dissfunction
erektilna disfunkciq
ching chong chineese dick no uppy uppy

what is dimo's addiction

if u are dimo answer faster cuz ur late for ur AA meeting

what is dimo's yt channel

Mitko Dimitrov
Ditko Miditrov

How many subs does dimo have at the moment

oborska tor
none dimo is asian and doesn't have a di.. yt channel

is dimo marriend

yeah to some faggot 7 years since
no dimo is divorced
yeah but he still puts out ;)

how young is dimo gonna die ?

soon, i hope

does dimo have a brother

yes he was called valio for 6 years
no he has a betiful sister who is bald
no dimo was made from anal with a horse and he is an only child .... molester

would i marry dimo

ti da ne ma ze za izpusnat/a ot karlukovo

would u subscribe dimo on youtube and click on his adds to help him out make money?

yes i would but i ain't clicking on no goddamn ads