Would you rather with the Creepypasta's!

WOULD YOU RATHER TIME! XD Sorry, I was just excited because it's my first quiz sooo please don't hate! Dx

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Hope you like it! Okay first Would you Rather question!

Would you rather tell Jeff he's better than Jane while you are handcuffed to a table OR tell Jane that she's better than Jeff while Jeff is armed with missels?

Tell Jeff he's better and try to escape the
wrath of Jane.

(Jeff: Ha! I knew she/he would choose me!
I'm just so beautiful!
Jane: *Glares*
Me: Shut it Jeffery!)
Tell Jane she's better and get misseled by

(Jane: Ha!
Jeff: Go to hell!
Jane: Okay, I'll meet you there!
Me: Oooooohhhh! Burn! And I thought it
was go to sleep?
Jeff: Go to Sleep!)
Uhhhh! PASS!!

(Me: You can't pass...
You: Well I just did!
Me, Jane, Jeff: O.o)

Okay! Next question!

Would you rather to steal Masky and Hoodie's cheesecake OR steal Toby's waffles!

Yum! Cheesecake! Sorry guys....

(Masky and Hoodie: *gasp*
Hoodie: She/he i-isn't r-really going t-to take
our c-c-cheesecake... is she/he...?
Me: No! It's just would you rather, not truth
or dare!
Masky: Okay... good...
Toby: Glad to know you wouldn't take my
waffles!!! :D)
Toby's waffles, sorry Toby! :'(

(Toby: D: Noooo!!! My waffles!! :'(
Masky: At least it's not our cheesecake...
Hoodie: *nods*
Me: Noooo!!! Don't cry, it's just a quiz!!! D:)

(Me: '-_-....please, just pic-
You: No! No! No! No! No!
Masky, Hoodie, Toby: *Look at each other

Okay next would you rather ;)

Would you raaaathhheeeerrrr kiss Eyeless Jack or Laughing Jack?

(E.j and L.j: O.O
Me: Hehehehe)


(Me: O.O
L.j: HAHAHA HAHAHA I'm so flattered!!
E.j: Okay then...)

L.j: *pouts* Why not me!!?
Me: Well, it's probably safer that way...
L.j: What's that supposed to mean!?!?)
Ewwwww! Nope nope nope! Neither!

L.j: *pouts* That's fine! I didn't want to kiss
you anyway! Hehehehe
Me: Look what you did, you made them
swad.... :(...)

Okay, that question was for the fangirls! NEXT :D!!!!!

Would you ratherrrr attack Slendy OR attack Zalgo?


Attack Slendy!! He'll go easy on me! ^.^

(Slenderman: Are you sure about that child?
Me: Now Slendy, it's would you rather, you
do not have to do as the question ask!
Slendyman: *sigh* How many times have I
told you not to cal- Why did you change my
name child??
Me: >:D Heheheh
Attack Zalgo!! Slendy is my fwiend!

(Zalgo: HAHAHAH You can try but you
won't win hehehe!!
Me: D: AHHHHHHH Z-z-zalgo is here... deep
breaths... deep breaths...
The proxies: *Trying to calm me down*
Me: *Faints from fear*
Ahhhhhh!!!! But I'll die!!!!

(Me: Giuro persona a caso, se non si initial
a rispondere all mie domande, ti chiamo gió
un Jeff arrabbiato!!! (Google Translate)
You: What!?)

*Wakes up* O-okay I'l be right back... yo Clock, can you take over for a sec...
Clockwork: Sure Nightmare!

Clockwork: Okay, uh *reads over script* Would you rather spend a trip to the watepark with me, Sally, Jane and Nightmare(me) OR spend a day playing videogames with Dark Link, BEN, Lost Silver, and BRVR?


(Me: *Holds up warning sign* Beware of the
rage quitting BEN...do not provoke the
BEN: I do NOT rage quit!!
Me: Says the one who got so mad he the
the computer out the window...
Jane: But don't forget about the part where
he relized what he did and jumped out the
window to save it!! XD
BEN: Haha very funny...)

(Me: Awww HELL YEAH!!!
Sally: Yay!! I get to spend time with (y/n)!!
Clockwork: Waterpark HERE WE COME!!!
Sally: (y/n), Nightmare, Jane, Clock, let's all
go shopping for swimsuits!)
Neither, I hate water parks and videogames!

(Me:...That is your decision....
You: *narrows eyes*
Me: What?)

Me: *walks in* Alright Clock, I'm back!
Clockwork: Oh, alright! Nice to meet you (y/n)!!! :D


Would you rather to have Smile.dog as your pet OR Grinny.cat as your pet?


(Smile.dog: *bark* *licks your hand*
You: AWW!!! *pets him*
Me: *smiles under mask*

(Grinny.cat: *meow* *jumps on your lap*
You: *smiles* Awww, who's a cute Witt le
kitty? You are, you are a cute wittle kitty,
aren't you? ((Cause come on like none of
you have done the 'who's a cute wittle
Neither!/Can't choose!

(Me: That's understandable... because they
are both so dang adorable!!! *Glomps Smile
and grinny*

-For girls... or boys if they want to- Alright... I'm running out of would you rather sooo yeah...

Would you rather be Homicidal Liu's girlfriend/boyfriend or be Dark Links girlfriend/boyfriend?

Dark Link!
Homicidal Liu!
Neither! Blagh! Barf! Vomit!

(Liu and D.L: *Look down sadly*
Me: *narrows eyes* What the *bleep* did
you just say? *tries to pull out battle axe*
Liu and D.L: *takes it from me and holds me

-For boys...or girls if they want to- Alright so I'm running out of questions sooo this'll be the last one...

Would you rather be Jane the Killer's boyfriend/girlfriend or Clockwork's boyfriend/girlfriend?

Neither! Blagh! Barf! Vomit!

(Jane and Clock: Grr
Me: What the *bleep* did you just say?
Nobody disses my best friends! *tries to
pull out battle axe*
Jane and Clock: *takes it from me and
holds me back*

Ok...I have to end it here... buy! (I know it's spelled incorrectly... but when I tried to say it the right way, they wouldn't let me...-_-')

See ya!


(Hope to see you again!)
How should I say goodbye...*starts listing
different ways to say goodbye*

(Me: BYE!! Come back next time if you're
not going to insult my friends and make