What Ever After High Character are you? (1)

What Ever After High Character are you? (1)

Theres a bunch of spellbinding characters in Ever After High, and this is a quiz to see wich one of them you are!

published on September 23, 201527 responses 9
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What would your story be?

What would your story be?
I would Eat a apple that put me to sleep
I would create chaos and dissaper with a big Grin :D
I would choose my OWN story.
I would be made out of wood.
I would take a basket of treats to my sick grandma.
I would be Maaaaad! And Joke araound and riddle!
I would yell, "Off with your head!"
I would eat 3 bowls of porridge. Yum!
I would turn into a graceful swan!
I would leave my glass slipper on the stairs of the castle.
I would let down my hair!
I can sleep :YAWNS: for 100 years...
I am the love goddess!
None of above.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite color?
Blue, or light blue and purple.
Purple and blue!
Red and Black.
Purple, Silver, and black.
Red, White, and Gold!
Red, Black, and Orange!
Blue, Brown and Blonde! Its Just Right!
White and Black and LIGHT pink!
Purple, Brown, and pink
All things nature!
Hot pink, Silver, and Black!
Pink, Purple, and Gold.
Brown and Purple!
None of above or evrything above.

What pet suits you?

What pet suits you?
Cat, or a Caterpillar.
A gray wolf
A Dragon
A snow fox!
A Headhog.
A bear!
A swan maybe.
a camillian, like pastel.
A Phionix
a unicorn!!
A pegasus maybe...
NOT a wood pecker!

Do you like school?

Do you like school?
Of course!
Off with your head!
i would rather play with my pets
i would rather be partyin!
I would be... i dont know
Yes! I love Ever After!
Can't lie, i sorta dislike it..
It is spelltastic!
My story will begin here, so, yes!


Tata! :Disapers with smile:
See you later
Have a Spelltastic time!
Off with you!
Our meeting was Just Right!
See you bye!!
Its time to let my hair down
Nature awaits!
Gotta live it up now!
Love in need bye!!!!!!!!!
I can't Lie, i need to go! Bye!!!!