Does she like me?

This is for the guys who want to know if a girl likes them or not. I hope this quiz will be of help to you.

published on June 13, 2014199 responses 14
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Does she follow you/hang around you a lot?

Yea, she hangs out with me a lot, kinda' creepy..
Yes she likes to hang out with me, if none of her other friends are available.
No not really, but we pass eachother in the hallway sometimes..
She has never come near me.. :(

You ask her if you could borrow one of her pencils during class. What would be her reaction?

She would stop whatever she was doing, smile, and hand you the pencil she was using.
She would reach into her bag, and hand you a pencil. She would tell you to give it back when you were done.
She would just say "No, I'm using it." ~When she is really not using it~
She would ask why you needed to borrow her pencil.

Who starts the conversations you guys have?

It's usually a mix, though she probably starts them a little more often.
Pfft, she always does.
She won't talk to you period.. :|
You usually start them, she answers them, and walks away.
Our conversations are usually short, and straight-forward.

If you touch her, what is usually her reaction?

She gives you a weird look, and backs away.
She immediatly turns her head to your direction and smiles.
She nudges a little closer. X3
She pokes you, and runs away laughing.
She asks you why you touched her.

You talk her about another girl you like at school. How would she respond?

She would run up to the girl you like, and start talking to her about what a great person you are.
She would have a hurt look in her eyes and say nothing.
She would say "I feel sorry for her then."
She would say: "Um since when did you start talking to me!?"
She would give a small nod and say: "Well.. good luck with that!" And walks away.

You actaully gather up the courage to ask this girl out, how would she respond?

She would laugh and say: "Uh sure, I guess!"
She would have a smile on her face and pretend to think about it, and say: "Sure!"
She slaps you on the face and runs away.
Her face turns pale, and she just walks away smiling.
She would laugh and say: "Um, I don't know you!"
She would just say "No."

What is the first thing about her that pops into your mind when someone mentions her name?

The way she smiles at me, and hangs out with me a lot!
The times you spend goofing off with her, having a good time.
How much she stares at you with longing.
The way she looks at me with hate and disgust.
The person who I can always go to for help!

Would you say that you enjoyed this?

Mhm, thanks!
Sure, I've taken a bunch of the same quizzes before...
Um.. idk yet..