Are you in love? (8)

Are you In a romance, or do u just love ur fam, and friends, or do you even know what love is... Find out

published on March 06, 201619 responses 4

Who do u hang out with most

My family
The boys
No one
My bf, she's such great company

Who are u happiest with

What is happiness
My girlfriends
My mom/dad
My boyfriend, he's soooo sweet

Do u know what love is

Yes, it's your boyfriend getting you whatever you want
It's your friends always there for you
It's sitting with your siblings watching a movie together

Do you fight with your siblings

Of course, but we always make up
Ya, my BFF cheers me up though
We hate each other
I don't have siblings...

Did you love this quiz

I have more important things
My boyfriend wants me to stop
Of course,me and my friends could do it all night
It was ok