How much does he like you? 2.0

An awesome improvement on my original "How much does he like you?" quiz. A carefully constructed mix of original and brand new questions and answers, so you'll get the most accurate results possible! Girls only, sorry!

published on April 26, 201519 responses 2
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Do you have his number?

Yes, he gave it to me
Yeah, we agreed to exchange numbers
Yes, but only because we were in a group-chat
with some mutual friends
No, I don't have it
I asked for it once and he wouldn't give it to me.

If you have his number, how often do you text?

Everyday! Sometimes a few times a day!
Every few days, sometimes only once a week.
Every few weeks, sometimes more often if we
have a project or something else that requires
Almost never.
I told you, I don't have his number!
I've tried to text him a few times, he's never

When you talk/text who starts the conversations? And how?

He usually starts conversations, he'll send me
random youtube videos or tell some kind of
joke. Or he'll just say hey :)
We both start conversations, but once we get
talking it can last for hours
I usually start conversations, he will once and a
while. Our conversations don't last that long.
I always have to start conversations, there
usually short and awkward. Sometimes he won't
even respond to my texts.
I gave up trying to talk to him, he just ignores

Do you have a lot in common?

We have everything in common! Honestly
sometimes I think we're the same person!
We have a lot in common, and sometimes it
seems like he pretends to like the other things
I'm into just to talk to me.
We have plenty of stuff in common, at least the
really important stuff.
We have some stuff in common, but not a lot.
We have not very much in common, but we have
fun arguing...
We have almost nothing in common

Does he ever try to hang out with you outside of school?

Yeah, he has a tendency to show up at at clubs I
join, or places I talk about going often.
he'll ask me to hang out somewhere.
He asked me to join in hen he was doing
something with a group of people. We have an
after school
activity or two in common.
If he see's me at the mall or somewhere outside
of school he'll talk to me, but he doesn't really
try to
hang out...
I accidentally ran into him once at the mall, does
that count?
He tends to avoid me outside of school...

Does he try to introduce you to his friends, family, or other people in his life?

He's tried to introduce me to all of his friends, I
know some his family, he tells me about all the
important people in his life!
I don't know his family, but he's introduced me
to most of his friends.
He's introduced me to a few of his friends, but
only when they showed up when we were talking
it was only polite.
I know a few of his friends, but he didn't
introduce me
Most of hie friends kind of avoid me too

If you walk by him in the hallway, how does he react?

He'll stop talking to his friends and catch my
eyes and smile or wave. Sometimes he'll say hi.
He'll just smile as he walks by. He'll say hi once
and a while.
He doesn't notice me that much, he's usually
talking to his friends.
He never really notices me in the hallway...
Sometimes he specifically avoids acknowledging
me in the hall.

Does he ever try to touch you?

Yeah, we've hugged once or twice. He's put his
arm around me before.
Sometimes he'll squeeze my arm or pat me on
the back...
We've high-fived a few times before, but that's
about it.
He's never really tried to touch me.
He usually avoids touching me.

How do his friends treat you?

They're super cool! We hang out all the time,
they're always super nice to me! I've become
friends with a lot of them and they seem to trust
They're really nice to me. They seem to enjoy
having me around. I know them pretty well.
They 're polite and reasonably pleasant to be
around. They seem to like me enough. I'm not
close to them.
I don't know his friends that well. They're nice
enough, but they barely know me.
His friends are totally oblivious to me.

Do you honestly think he's ever flirted with you? What makes you think that?

I'm pretty sure he has. My friends are all
convinced he's flirting, his friends seem to think
the same
I think so. My friends have picked up on it a few
I think he has ,a few times, but nobody else has
said anything about seeing it too.
I thought I picked up on it once or twice before.
But my friends thought I was crazy when I
brought it
I don't think I've ever really thought he was
I've never thought he was flirting with me.

Does he ever offer to do favors or help you with stuff?

All the time! He'll carry my books or help me
with projects. If I need something he's always
there to
help me.
Yeah, sometimes. He lets me copy his homework
when I forget to do it, and stuff like that.
Once or twice, nothing me wouldn't have done
for his friends.
Never, he's not really very helpful.
He tends to be specifically un-helpful

Do you have a lot of mutual friends?

We have a bunch of friends in common, and our
other friends get along with each other really
We have a few friends in common, and our other
friends mostly get along.
We have no common friends but our friends
seem to like each other. They aren't that close
Our friends are barely aware of each others
Our friends don't like each other.

Has he ever complimented you?

Yeah, all the time!
Once and a while
Maybe once

Has he ever tried to side with you or stick up for you in an argument?

Yeah, pretty often!
It's happened a few times
Maybe two or three times.
Once, but I'm not sure he realized that was what
he was doing.

You both happen to be at the same party unexpectedly. He...

Comes over and immediately starts a
conversation, you talk for hours. You might
Starts talking, you'll talk for a little while.
Eventually he'll go talk to his friends.
Makes brief and polite small talk, then doesn't
really talk to you for the rest of the night.
He doesn't talk to you, but you catch him
looking at you a few times.
He avoids you for the whole party
He brings another girl to the party.

Does he interact with you on any social media?

Yeah, he follows me and I follow him too. He
likes almost all of my posts and he'll comment a
Yeah, we follow each other. He likes a bunch of
my posts, sometimes he'll comment.
We follow each other, but he's only liked a few of
my posts.
We follow each other, but he's never liked any of
my posts.
He doesn't follow me.
He's blocked me on social media.

Do you have any pictures of you guys together? If yes, has he shared them?

Yes! There are a bunch of pictures of us together
on his social media account. and even more of
them on his phone.
We have a few pictures together, one or two of
them are on his social media account.
We have a few pictures together, but he hasn't
posted any of them...
We don't have any pictures together, but he has
tagged me in a few of his posts when I was there
when the picture was taken.
We don't have any pictures together.
We have a picture together, but he didn't know I
was taking it...

Have you ever caught him staring at you? How does he react if you have?

All the time! If I notice he maintains eye contact
and smiles.
A few times, if I notice he just smiles an looks
Once or twice, but he immediately looks away if
I notice.
I thought I did once, but he could have been
looking at the girl next to me.
Never, he's usually staring at this other girl.

Does he have a good memory for things you say?

Yeah, he has a scary-good memory for things I
say. Sometimes he'll quote stuff I said from
months ago!
A few times, he'll remember really weird stuff I
say, but not everything.
Sometimes, he remembers my best jokes and
Not really, It's happened once or twice.
We don't talk enough for that.

Do you have any inside jokes or nicknames?

Yeah, we have all these inside jokes and
nicknames that even our closest friends don't
He has a nickname for me, and we have tons of
weird inside jokes.
He has a nickname for me, and we have a few
inside jokes.
We have a few inside jokes, but he doesn't have
a nickname for me.
We have a few inside jokes, but there only ones
that our friends are in on too.
We don't have any of those.
We don't talk enough to have inside jokes.
He has a nickname for me, but it's mean...

Have any of his friends told you that he likes you?

It's happened a few times. And it seemed totally
It's happened a few times. It seemed serious
once, and the other times I thought they were
It happened once, and I couldn't tell if they were
It happened once, but they were definitely
It's never happened before.

Does he have a girlfriend?

No, and I'm the only girl he seems interested in.
No, I know a few girls that he might be
interested in. But he seems to like me best.
No, but he just got out of a relationship and I
don't know if he's over her yet.
Kind of, he's super on-again-off-again with this
Yes, but he's super unhappy and wants to break
up with her.
Yes, and they seem super happy together.

Has he ever hinted at wanting to date you?

Once, but I couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

Do you honestly think that he likes you?

Yeah, I think so
It seems like he might, but I'm not completely
I sort of think he does, but it might be all in my
Sometimes it seems like he does and sometimes
it seems like he doesn't, it's really confusing.
I have absolutely no idea.
I don't think so :(