Your Divergent Aptitude Test

Your Divergent Aptitude Test

This is your divergent appitude test I hopefully did a good job so hope you get the one you want

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Mom: Are you nervous You: ..

kind of
I don't know

Dad: Well good luck honey

Thanks dad
Lets do this
Im ready..
*breathes nervously*
I can do this

*Doors open* Alice: Hi im Alice and I will be your appitude test intruster person.. You: Hi Alice: Well take a seat You: Ok Alice: There will be many different chocies until you come up with one answer You: Ok Alice: Drink this You:..

*Puts up to noise*Slowly Drinks it*
*Drinks slowly*
*Plugs noise glugs down*
*Carefully Drinks it

Alice: Good luck *All the sudden the chair disappers* You: *Look around* You look into a mirror All the sudden many more of you apper

*circles the other you*

One of your "clones" says choose theres a stake, knife, lighter, stuffed cat, and a bone. Which do you choose?

Stuffed cat

All the sudden a angry dog appears and starts barking and tries to attack you

Gets the stake and throws it saying go get the stake boy
Gets the knife and kill the dog
Gets the lighter and makes fire and waves it around saying back off
Gets the stuffed cat meows like crazy then throws it across the room
Gets the bone and throws it across the room and yells go get it doggie
Does nothing falls to the ground and lays there bravely

The thing changes your in a tank that is filling up with water You..

Shove your jacket in the tube that's filling it with water
Break the glass
Scream HELP then make a hole in the glass so the water drains out
Scream HELP
Prepare yourself to die
Call to your animal friends

Right before water fills up the whole tank the thing changes your in bed and your crush comes over and tries to kiss you

Puker up <3
Eww back away
Im would usually make-out with you and kiss you on the lips hard but right now im in the middle of a test!
Stands there frozen
Kisses them lightly but then backs away and blushes
Kicks them back away!

The thing changes your crush is sitting in a chair you are given a gun you must kill them

Refuses to
Tear rolls down check I must *fires gun*
Looks away *fires gun*
Points gun at self *fires gun*
Stares into there eyes *fires gun*
Secretly takes out bullet *tries to fire gun* yells hey I don't have a bullet so ha!

After whatever you did you wake up

*breathes heavily*

Alice: Ok lets take a look at your results...