Your very own qfeast avatar

If they were such thing as a qfeast avatar let's see if you bring a good show off and take care of it! Let's go!

published on December 15, 201530 responses 1 4.5★ / 5

Let's say your qfeast avatar is hungry....what do you give it ?


Your qfeast avatar is sick....oh no!!!! What do you do ?

Give it some pills or other medical treatment
Leave it to die....duh! You don't care!!!!
Go crazy

What if your qfeast avatar wanted to go out ?

Dress it up nice and take it to universal or the mall or something like that or somewhere fun
Leave it home
Make it do its chores over and over again

It wants to watch tv!!!! Hello!!!!

Put on something entertaining or a movie to keep it busy
Put a horror movie or dare it to
Put a boring show

It needs to take a bath!!!!

Bathe it....bubble bath time!!!!
Keep it busy and let it stink
Make it do a regular boring bath

It needs to πŸ’€

Put it to bed
Make it go out and keep it busy with no don't even care if it gets sleep paralysis
Distract it while sleeping