Which Harry Potter Character are You? (7)

In this exciting personality quiz, you untangle a web of entertainment as you set out on your quest to figure out which Harry Potter character you are. So wait no longer! Begin the adventure!

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If a little bratty kid was following you around, saying you would never be famous, what would you say?

"Go die in a hole, moronic child."
"Shut up, you repugnant idiot, or I'll get my two thuggish friends to wipe the floor with your
"Does it really matter? Now, I have to go. Goodbye"
"Please, go away, I know the monkey-butters are the cause of this. I really must go find them."
"I already am, twerp."
"I don't want to be famous, alright?"
"Shut up, midget!"

What are the characteristics of your ideal pet? Choose the answer that most applies to you.

I'd want a loyal, beautiful, and smart pet, so we can rely on each other, like friends.
I despise animals, except for the animal I dare to inhabit and control with my mind.
I want a really intelligent animal, so it can understand me, and then maybe we can communicate.
I want a beautiful, talented animal! People would be really impressed.
I want an animal only I can see, because I know it is special.
I want a strong animal that is good in a fight, and always has my back.
I want a talented animal that can do really cool tricks! The animal and I would entertain everyone
with our amazing stunts!

Of the choices below, what bothers you the most?

My stupid enemies.
Inequality and injustice in the world. Everyone has a right, and should be equal!
When people don't respect and admire me the way they should!
When people can't create and imagine in their minds; they need an illustration or description before
coming up with any of their own ideas.
When people are self centered, thinking about themselves so much they don't think about others,
and don't have a sense of humour.
When others don't appreciate what they have, such as their family, friends, and more.
When people over look me and I don't get the credit I deserve.

You have just won the lottery and clutch a lot of cash in your hand when suddenly a little girl jumps out of nowhere and tries to take it from you. When you confront her she breaks down and tells you her sister is really sick, and she wants to buy medicine for her sister. The medicine is really expensive because the sickness is really rare. What do you do?

First, meet the sick sister so you know she is not lying, then give her the amount of money for
medicine out of kindness.
Once you find out the little girl is not lying, you give her enough money for the medicine and then
raise money for funds for that kind of medicine, to save not just her sister but others suffering from
the sickness as well.
Don't give her the money, you want someone to die!
You don't give her the money, but you kindly manage to raise enough money to cover the
You give her the right amount of money and go, because your nice and don't want someone dying
on your account!
You trust her immediately and give her all the money.
Don't give anything, it's her problem anyway.

If you could choose, what wand would you prefer? Why? Choose the answer that mostly applies to you.

The wand that chose me. Logically, that would be the best wand for me.
Probably my wand, 'cause I like it. Did you know magical snizzlo orbs work as wands, too?
I think I'd want the Elder wand, because that would be really cool, and I'd be really good at magic.
No wand would feel as right as my wand.
The Elder wand, I would challenge my enemies to battles and they would be humiliated when they
The Elder wand would be cool, but then there would be people constantly trying to kill me, so I'll
say I'm happy with my wand.
The Elder wand, I would have infinite power, and rule the world with my wand!

In free time reserved just for fun, what do you like to do?

Plan funny, clever pranks on people it will bother the most. Ha ha.
Think about all the ways I can humiliate my enemies. Plan their suffering.
Play or do some kind of physical sport or hobby.
Laugh and have fun!
Read and learn, of course!
Imagine things, open up my mind.
Plan how I will rule the world powerfully, and make people’s lives miserable.

In the common room, you are studying your notes for the upcoming exams, when you notice one of your classmates, who is sitting in front of you, has somehow gotten hold of the test questions and answers, and is copying them down in their notes. What do you do?

Lean over and quietly ask if they can share the answers with you.
Talk to them about what is right or wrong, and try and convince them not to cheat.
You don’t say anything to them, but you later tell your friends about it. You're not a cheater, but
you personally don’t want to mess with them. You’ll let someone else deal with it.
Tease them a little, they’re so stupid they have to cheat!
Make them share the answers with you. They owe you a lot for everything you have done for them!
Try to convince them not to cheat, and if they don’t listen, you’ll tell a teacher.
Tell them cheating is wrong, and talk about how shocked you are that they would do such a thing.
Then talk about all the bad people who have cheated. Then comment on their lack of goodness,
and their dull imagination.

How do you think your friends would describe you?

Selfless and good at a certain hobby (most likely a sport).
Artistic and imaginative.
Determined, a leader, and a little manipulative.
Hilarious, always coming up with clever ways to make them laugh.
Clever and cunning, always coming up with fool-proof solutions.
Smart and good at giving intelligent advice.
Honest and trusting, you have a sharp and witty tongue, used for good humour.

What is your reaction to people believing in ghosts? (in the real world, not in a Harry Potter setting).

I believe in ghosts too!
Whoever believes in that is incredibly stupid. I will make them sorry they ever existed!
I would scare the person who believed in ghosts, pretending to be a ghost!
I despise everybody.
Ghosts are illogical. Perhaps I will try and convince the person that ghosts don't exist.
Whether I believe in ghosts or not, I will respect the person's decision and not say anything that could hurt their feelings.
Maybe I'll tease them just a little.