Whats your dominant personality trait?

What do people really think about you? What is your dominant personality trait? Find out and take this quiz!

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Your friends would describe you as....


On a school night you will most likely be....

Thinking about others
Playing an after school sport
Finding a new project to work on

Your biggest flaw is....

being stubborn
Letting people take advantage of you
Not taking time to yourself to relax
I can be a little sassy at times

Your favorite thing is....

Finding something to binge watch on netflix
Spending time with family
Playing sports
Finally getting whatever it is you have wanted after you have been waiting for a super long time

You hate it when people....

Don't try
Don't take things seriously when they need to be
Are selfish
Don't get involved

Something you believe in....

Hard work
Being helpful to those in need
Always finding another solution
Introducing yourself to new people

You are most happy when....

You got your answer to your burning question
You are told how smart you are
People told you they could rely on you
Your trying something new