what five nights at Freddys character wants to marry you?

what five nights at Freddys character wants to marry you?

will the guy in the vent want to marry you? maybe he has a ring not death!

published on June 10, 201618 responses 9
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you got extra parts mangle can borrow?

no just a microphone
i got a gift for you, but not parts.
i got batterys and billons, no parts.
do you have a pizza?
i can play a song for you!

have a cup cake?

all the time ;)
my cupcake!
only ballons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i got parts, more parts, im a construction person.
let me play a song for you!! nooooo cupcakesssss lalallaa
gift plushes? maybe a cupcake plush?

does anyone want to play gatar with me?

sure ;)
heres another gatar in a gift!
no way. i sing solo.
i got ballons buddy!
i have no hands. just wires.

my hat is missing!

i think its in the kichen.
here's a hat ballon!
i think it is in this box. oh its just a flower. KEEP IT!
its not in vents. looked in them.
not on stage. or back stage.
um not in play room :}

no more ballons!

this gatar is not a billon.
here is mine ;)
my ballon was a gift but it popped in box.
microphone is all i got.
food? any food?
wire's instead?

i need a gift :{

no way! i got parts and im keeping them.
only food!
here's a hug ;)
my ballons are gone. sorry.
i can sing a song!
i need to go cheak on my gatar. and there are gifts in storage room.