Which Taylor Swift Song Off Of "1989" Are You?

Which Taylor Swift Song Off Of "1989" Are You?

As a diehard Swiftie, I've gotta say, 1989 is flawless. Find out which song suits your life by taking this personality quiz!

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If you met Taylor Swift, what would you do?

Hug her and never let go. Ever... Ever... Like, ever.
Talk and talk about my love life
I'll cross that bridge if I get to it.
Scream and freak out, possibly faint.
Hate in all the people that have wronged me
Ask what brands of makeup she uses
Show her pictures of my cats on my phone
Ask her for advice on... Life in general.
Cry tears of pure happiness
Steal her phone and track down Harry Styles
I'm not such a big fan that I'd want to, like, meet her.
Ha, been there, done that...
Beg her to go on some fun outing with me

How would you Friends Describe you?

Sensitive, maybe a bit of a crybaby
Obsessed with perfection
Stylish! :D
Totally average
A hugger
Nice, sweet, thoughtful, really fun
Sort of distant
Sassy, sorta mean.
Romantic and a dreamer
Mysterious and beautiful
Fab! ;) :p
Adventurous, creative, and beautiful in your own way
Totally appropriate

What's your favorite color?

Anything Neon
Dark Green
It's not listed here... This is awkward
LOL, I don't feel like answering that
Anything that sparkles!
Bright Green

Who are some people you'd like to meet someday?

People from all over the world
People who make me feel like I belong
Fashionable, cute people
Um, I'm good with the people I know.
People who don't pressure me to do bad things
People who don't hurt my feelings (unlike this one person I know)
Someone who will love me and take care of me
Funny, hilarious people
Someone who won't leave me, and will protect me
Someone who likes me for me
Anyone who's nice and will help me through whatever crisis is happening in my life.
Someone who'll go exploring and go on adventures and run around with me.
Someone who won't leave me stranded

If you were to create a famous quote, what would it be?

Remember you're priceless, and the people who make you feel horrible are cheap.
True love will come to you one day. Just wait and see.
The right person will love you for you. You shouldn't have to worry about that.
If you never step out of the box and take chances, you'll never experience what you've been dreaming about your whole life.
You'll be devastated in life, and your biggest challenge - your greatest test - is to learn how to deal with that.
Some people tell you to take a walk in someone else's shoes. But maybe you should try running a marathon in their shoes. Some people suffer loneliness and rejection their whole life, but you can change that.
Time machine's don't exist. There's nothing we can do. So we need to think carefully about our words and actions.
You can't let people push you around. Stand up to them. You're more than what they're telling you.
Never let someone go, and never let someone let you go.
You're your own fashion trend. Be yourself. That's what people love.
Try to keep your life simple. It's just that SIMPLE.
If you love yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, and accept life's ups and downs, I swear, things will be so much easier.
People will encourage you to smoke. You'll think it's cool, you'll think it's glamorous. But your lungs won't look very glamorous.

How would you love to spend your dream Saturday evening?

Shopping! DUH!
Having "me" time
Solving a social problem
Doesn't matter, but whatever I'd be doing, I'd keep my AWESOMNESS!
Texting and using my phone
Kissing my bae
Talking to a friend in the phone
Chilling with friends
Spending time at an animal shelter
Watching the news
On a date