when will u get ur period

to tell girls when they will get their period it is not gaurenteed to be right but it should be close

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Do you have breasts

yes small
sport bra type
aa size
bb size

Do you have discharge (the gooey whitish stuff in your undies)

ewww no
yes alot
ounce a month
i have had it for about a year

Did you even start puberty

no way
only lately
yeah about a year ago

Do you ever get cramps (dont worry some people dont even get them)

yeah ounce a month

what age are you


do you have hair down there (vagina)

yeah a bit
yeah its getting a bit bushy and curly
yeah i have to shave a lot

do you have hair under your arms

no ewww
yeah a bit of blonde hair
yeah a few long pieces
a big bush i shave alot