What generation would you fit in?

What generation would you fit in?

No offence if you get way older than you actually are. I know that I would probably get older than I am xDD

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How many devices do you own?

All of the new ones...
Only a few.
None. You should sit down outside and sniff the roses.

What do you prefer doing of these?

Reading a book.
Playing on the PC or XBOX (ect) with my friends...
Having a day out with my friends!
All of the above.

Marshmallow or Monkey?

This literally has nothing to do with the quiz xDD
Me.. 'I know. C':'
Marshmallow :')
Monkey. *Rips off t-shirt and jumps around*

What would you wear out of these to go to a party?

A dress, comfy shoes, cardigan.
Make Up, Hair done, Nails painted, High heels, Tights... TEN.HOURS.LATER...
I'd just let my mum choose. I have no sense what is fancy clothes..

What do you think is most important about someone?

They have manners!
That they have a account on XBOX-Live or (whatever social media)
That they know how to play POLO, IT and them games.

Just a note: This quiz is barely accurate.

I know.
No! I think it's great! (Thanks)