What kind of fairy are you?

What kind of fairy are you?

Find out what kind of fairy you are. (This quiz should be completely accurate.)

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Pick a place to live in, a movie type, a name, and a mythological creature.

A dark forest, Horror, Evie, and a Vampire.
A meadow of pink and purple flowers, Fantasy, Nyx, and an Enchantress.
A desert, Drama, Liu, and an Alien.
An island, adventure, Haylin, and a mermaid.
A cloud, Documentary, Harmonique, and an angel.

Pick an animal, a color, and a Charm.

A Horse, Blue, Beauty.
A Dolphin, Turquoise, Smarts.
An Eagle, Green, Wisdom.
A wolf, Amber, Loyalty.
A Tiger, Red, Honesty.

If you could be in one of these unknown groups, which would you choose?

Royally Rebellious (R.R.K.)
Freedom Alphas (F.A.S.T.)
Freedom Questers (F.Q.S.T.)
We Are Revolution (W.A.R.)

Pick an object, code, and code name.

A book, 16213, and Spirit.
A movie, 191913, and Spectrum.
A camera, 889612, and Clue.
An album, 138612, and Ghost.
A stick, 010690, and Galaxy.
A mirror, 672919, and Egypt.
A Rose, 196518, and Charmelle.
A tree, 185618, and Nyx.
A bow and arrow, 187965, and Timeless.
A shadow, 198765, and shadaya.
A song, 168188, and muse.
A lamp, 649685, and Stage.
A feather, 145686, and Lai.
A guitar, 684648, and nova.

Which of these do you care about most?

Kingdom 1 (nature)
Kingdom 2 (reality)
Kingdom 3 (mythical)
Enemies (complicated)