Which of My Budgies (Parakeets) Are You?

Hai! :3 This is a quiz to see which of my lovely birdies you are! I hope you enjoy it!:)

published on August 17, 201420 responses 8
Which of My Budgies (Parakeets) Are You?
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Hi! :3 Welcome to my quiz! So, first question is, what is your favorite colour? (LOL, don't kill me, I know this is like, the most original question in the history of questions! X3)

My favorite colour is light blue!
My favorite colour is green!
My favorite colour is white!
My favorite colour is grey-blue!
My favorite colours are white and blue! (Hey that's two! X3)
My favorite colour is blue!
My favorite colour is neon green!
My favorite colour is NONE OF THESE! Mwah hah hah!

All right, next question. Say you were put in a box, what would you do?

I would screech about how horrid this is and bite everything in sight with ANGER!
I would yell out for my friend to help me, because they are outside of the box!
I would start nibbling a whole out to escape!
I would eat the box because I was hungry! (Is that healthy?)
I would sit tight and wait for help, maybe my mom or dad would help?
I would be scared and shrink!
I would sit and try to think happy thoughts!

Alright, question numburo tres! (I think that's how you say it? I suck at Spanish! X3) What do you like to eat?

Ya know, seeds and sterf!
I like seeds, but veggies are nummy too!
I like seeds, and mmm, millet!
Seeds, millet, and SWISS CHARd!
Whatever mum wants me to eat! (Goody-goody! :3)
I guess seeds, but veggies are ok as long as someone else eats them first!

What would your perfect world look like?

Lots of trees, with leaves that taste good, and with a bunch of friends!
A place where I can be with my friends!
Where I can hang upside-down while sleeping with no one to criticize me! (Noo, I don't criticize you! :()
A world filled with food!
A nice, calm place, with flowing streams and green plants!
A place where I am queen! Mwah hah hah!
A place where I'm not yelled at or criticized!
A place where I can always be with my family and friends!

What do you do in your spare time?

Follow my Bf/Gf around and MAKE HER LOVE me!
Try and get away from my Bf/gf!
Spend time with my luvly daughter, and look adorable!
Ponder the meaning of life!
Hang upside down and make ironic comments!
Boss everyone around!

Okey dokey, that's the end of the quiz! Sorry it's so short, I am really bad at making questions! Please post your results down below! Okay, bye! BTW this is a freeby!