What Psychic Pokemon Are You~?

What Psychic Pokemon Are You~?

Psychic Type Pokemon are some of the best, but only a few could make it into the results. Has being a psychic type Pokemon ever crossed your mind? Yes, or no get an incite here. Also check out my other quizzes: "What Dark Type Pokemon Are You?, and "Pokemon_Quiz 4"? Also check out my best story( In My Opinion) "Guardian's Flame".

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What is most important in life?

Nothing is most important
Helping others

Which quote is the best?

Ignorance is death
Live life to the fullest
Always be honest
Treat others how you like to be treated
Balance priorities

Your Friend Wants To Know What Outfit To buy. What Advice Do You Give Them?

Get the most stylish outfit
Get the most unique outfit
Get the most practical outfit
Get whatever they think is best

Which book sounds most appealing

"Fantasy Forest"
"School Life Diary"
"Alone in the woods"
"101 best jokes"
"History", or "Science
Any popular book

Which sounds like you?

I only hurt to help
Life is a test
Be nice, and gain skill
Have fun in life
Knowledge is power

You're at school. What do you do the most? (Just go with it)

Socialize, and study.
Help others

Pick A Middle Age Role?

Handy man

What role do you play at a party?

The Host
Activities leader
Life of the party
Concerned friend
Person who doesn't want to be there
Person who does some activities, but doesn't do anything too crazy

How would you describe you? (The most)

Very caring
A good friend
Brutally honest
A loner
A joker
Fun loving
attention seeking

You discover your friend is going behind your back, what do you do?

They weren't a real friend, so discontinue the "friendship"
Nicely address them
continue being their friend
Go behind their back

Are friends important?

They can be
Not really
Of course!
I want them...
Sort of
Yes, and you must help them