Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? (2)

Will you survive the zombie apocalypse? Do you have what it takes? Or will you die the first day?

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It's an ordinary day. What are you doing?

playing video games or something
sleeping in
watching survival man
Swimming in toxic waste!
Running around in circles in panic because your lava lamp tipped over!!!
Helping the world from hunger!

The apocalypse has started started! what do you do?

collecting as much food as possible!
playing on my phone, apocalypses are boring!
Running to a hospital to gather medical stuff to help other people
running around biting people's heads off! Must feed!
Facing the zombies head on!
Hiding in an enclosed space with no food or water!

how big is your group?

at the start just me. then, 5,000,000 other zombies
lots of people.
all my friends!
just me. I don't want to let anyone else be hurt 'cause of me. Plus, i'm saving people right now!
Just fellow survivors
nobody. i'm on my own!

people come by and ask for some food. you have plenty of food.

2/3 of my supplies
i'll eat rip their heads of and eat them and then they will never have to worry, because they will help eat people now!
take them with me and give them as much as I can. Then we are together in a group!
half my supplies. oh man, i'm hungry
Nothing. I can't give anything. Kill or be killed

You take one thing with you at the beginning. What is it?

a bike
a bunch of strong people
my body to kill
um... Video games!
Medical supplies.