What mythical creature are you? (13)

Find what you would be if you were a mythical creature. Enjoy and share with your friends!

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You are in a room with a person you don't know. You:

Crack a joke. More laughter right?
do nothing
Make small talk.
Ask many questions about them
Challenge them to a game. if you lose fight 'em
be polite and find a silver lining
Ask if they have food on them.
Try to break your way out the room. It couldn't get more akward

What would you do on the weekend?

Play a sport with some friends.
Challenge a friend to a gaming competition.
Hang out with friends and go on a little adventure.
Go to the library with your best friend
Make something, study, maybe a bit of forging would be fun
Eat, eat and eat some more!
Pull a prank on my enemy with some close friends.
Draw, write or paint.

You just won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Buy paint, pencils, paper... ANYTHING CREATIVE!
New pranking supplies. Balloons, cream... stuff like that
buy food, sweets and jewellery! Or anything shiny!
Metal and wood to make stuff and forge. New study material
A gift for my Best friend and loads of books!
Lots of stuff!
Bet it all and win MORE!!
Sporty stuff and gifts for family and friends!

Which colour do you like most?

Silver or White
Orange, Yellow
Black or Brown
I can't decide. Rainbow?

What is your Flaw?

I'm too soft hearted
I'm really suborn
Over work sometimes
Pull a lot of stupid pranks that aren't always funny but are mean.
Too competitive
Antisocial and a little needy on my few friends.
Obsessed with food!
Um... I'm very LOUD!!!!

What do you want people to remember about you?

I'm Brave and strong
positive and happy
Loyal and just
Hard working and smart
Funny and Punny
Creative and kind
Kind and Pure
Cool and mysterious

Where would you be?

The sea
On YouTube watching "try not to laugh challenge"
In a restaurant or at a bank
Work or School
Beside my Best Friend
At home with Friends
Serious competition!
At a sports event or with my family

What catches your interest?

A snowy Field
Flowery Meadow
Broken House
Mysterious Forest
Fire in a Grate
Mine shaft
Sea Cave