Which Original Howleyhead are you?

Which Original Howleyhead are you?

Take this test to see which of the Original Howleyheads you most resemble! By original I mean those who were in the first game and are still here.

published on March 11, 20157 responses 0
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Are you good at following Miss Howley's instructions?

I read everything carefully before I proceed.
I not only read them, but I think about how to make them work to my advantage in team games.
I read them carefully. I think. Did I? I'm not sure. LOL.

Can you do a Faceinhole challenge?

I can do them, but I don't always make sure they are the right size or hue.
I can do them quickly and flawlessly.
Can I do them? Hell, I have my own Faceinhole account!

How many games or Howleyantics have you played in?

Not all of them, but certainly most.
A lot and I have the prizes to prove it.

If you had to do a video, what would Miss Howley expect to see?

I don't really do videos.
Quality entertainment: I would do the best job I could.
I would be over-the-top crazy!

What is your strongest Howley Skill?

Image creation.
Witty comments on threads.

How good are you at involving others in Howleyville?

I don't involve other people.
I get a lot of people to help me in begging challenges on Facebook.
I'm not afraid to drag a co-worker into a video.
I will involve total strangers in a video if it helps my team win.

Do you use your Howley skills outside of Howleyville?

I don't really use them.
I often do family videos or slideshows.
I am quick to jump in on a Facebook thread with a meme or faceinhole that I create.

Do you participate in Miss Howley's Question of the Day?

Yes, every day.
Yes, even if it's only to say, "I can't remember."
Yes, and my answers are usually witty double entendre.

What would you do to win a game like Survivor?

Stab someone in the back without hesitation.
Play my best, do every challenge, and not trust anyone who might stab me in the back.
Give/take a teammate's password so I could compete for them when they can't make it.

Overall, what do you think of Miss Howley?

I like to lurk on her wall and that is about it.
I don't like to do her challenges every day, but I enjoy playing Survivor once in a while.
I love her. She adds more than a little silliness to Facebook.
The Power of Howley Compels Me. Need I say more?