What spongebob character are you? (4)

What spongebob character are you? (4)

Take this quiz to find out if you are spongebob, patrick, sandy,or squidward !

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If your enemy was moving what would you do?

I would be kind of sad but also happy so we dont argue.
I would not care I would probably not even notice.
I would probably kick them out before they even leave.
I would run in exciment and be happy every day of my life.

If there was a baby in the street, what would u do?

Pick it up and ask everyone if it's theirs.
Walk by and say what are you doing here and then take it home.
Walk by and pick it up but hide it when u go home with it
Walk by and whisper its not my problem and maybe giggle.

If their was a new person moving to your neighborhood and wanted to be friends what would you do?

Be very happy and maybe annoy them a little bit.
I would suggest him to my neighbor, or take him to go EVETYWHERE with me.
I would be glad and invite him in my house for some lemonade.
I would simply say...GO AWAY.

If u had to pick your favorite type of music what would it be?

Happy music.
Just instruments.

What do you like to do most?

Catch butterflys.
Go eat ice cream.
Go to karate.
Play music.

Did you like my test?

Yes you should make more
No it was boring.
Yes it was very fun.
No I hated it.

Wait that was not the last question....whats your favorate color?


What do your friends describe you as?

Fun and kind
Fun and lazy
Fun and wild
I dont have any friends

How many friends do u say you have