Bff quiz (1)

Do u know you BFF? This will totally prove how well you know each other.

published on December 20, 201517 responses 3

DO you know you besties color

Don't know

How long have you known her

My whole life
Last month

If she is mad at you .....

I do all I can
Won't care
Tell a teacher
Wait till it cools down

How much do you have in common

Everything our teacher calls us PB&J
Not much
Almost everything

How does you best friend described you

The best bestie 4 ever!!!!!
Person I rather hang out with
I have others I play with
Super cool

Do u know other ways you bestie chat with each other

Internet,calls me,hangs out,ect
Calls me over that's it
We don't see each other unless at school
We are neighbors