which Victorious character are you (2)

are you Beck, Tori, Jade, Cat, Robbie, or Trina take the test and find out.

published on August 23, 201423 responses 8 5.0★ / 5

What do you like to do on your free time

look at rabbits
sing and play the piano
play with sharp things
sing dance and act
bother Tori
Play with my dummy

What is you most problem with the world

girly girls
People that make other people sad fake people too.
rude people
people who don't have an opinion
your sister
mean girls=Jade

what is your type of action

people putting on a play then a spy crashes in the window.
a ventriloquist act then a robber crash in.
a pony that died.
a crime and then a love story breaks out.
a big city and I'm a star
a good looking man a very good man but next thing you know he is dead.
a murder no you don't know who did it and don't ask me

What is your idea of the perfect get away with your friends.

The blood place you might want to by blind folds it can get bad.
One of my plays and I'm the star
Acting camp great place to sit back and act
The pet shop I am sleeping with the pony's
The beach I'm chill
karaoke place come sing with me
the dummy place so every one can have one

what's the most evil thing you have ever done

call my friends poop bags
not flushing
when have I done something evil
everything I do is evil what do you expect
hit my brother
tackle my sister
I am Ms. perfect