Dating Sim! (HimeDere Girl)

Dating Sim! (HimeDere Girl)

Hiya! This is the FIFTH installment of this series.. Enjoy! See if the HimeDere will like you, if she's a bit annoyed with you, or if she hates you!

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Hello~❤ I, the magnificent Miku strut in!

What's with the commentated entrance..? And wait to be fashionably late!
Umm.. Hello! I am ----.
Hello! I'm ----. What a nice dress! I see you tend to dress for success, and right now it's working.

Peasant! You shouldn't attempt to socialize with upper class women like me! Don't worry, I will try to act like YOUR kind for this date to give you more of a chance.

I know, but I just couldn't resist a woman like you.
Meh..whatever! You are so rude.. I shouldn't have asked you out.
Ugh! I already hate you.

Ohohoho! I see u r keeping all of your compliments bottled up! Come on, spit them out!

Oh...Um...Uh..Ah! I've got one! Wait, no....
But I have none to share.
But then this world would be flooded in them.

That the best you've got!? Whatever... I am bored of your aimless shenanigans! Lets go to the park, I would like you to make me a picnic!

Why would I make a picnic for YOU!? You'd have to set it up yourself!
Oh! Alright, we'll have to stop by my house first for the stuff.

*Once you got all of the things for the picnic* Know what? I do not want to sit on the filthy ground! Let us go to a high class restaurant!

Nuh-Uh! Too expensive!! I know a good, cheap place.
Okay! That sounds great to me.
Oh! How about McDonalds?

And if you take me to a cheap, greasy, lowlife place like McDonalds I WILL kill you.

O-Oh! I've already made reservations. (Sarcastic btw)
Fine! I guess Miss Princess can't stand some cheap, greasy food?
I know, I can't stand how unhealthy that place is! It would ruin you!

*At restaurant* Hmph! Is this all you can do!? Olive Garden!?

I'm sorry! I don't have much cash!
Geez! Can't be happy with what you get!? Just order, already!
I'm sorry.. I though you'd be hungry, so I drove to the closest, yet most high class place.. which is
Olive Garden.

*When you get the food* Disgusting! Beh! Who eats this!? Listen we're leaving! Finish that bite and pay, then we're gone!

Okay.. This DOES taste a bit off.
Mrmph!? Mmph Mrrmrrmmph!! (What!? Be thankful!!)

*Later* Hmm.. Now the park seems like a good idea. It would give you a chance to socialize with me. Just no picnic, okay?

Sounds nice and romantic.
Fine! Fine! I am just so fed up with you!

*At park* Haha! Look at the stupid little swan babies! They are attempting to grow into beautiful creatures such as I!

You are such a jerk!!
Hahaha! How aimless!
...huh? What'd you say?

Hmm.. Do you think there is something out in space that could hurt me?

Huh? Well... I'd kill them so I'd be famous. I'd only kill the ones where I move to, 'cause I'm moving
I don't care. I would let them hurt you, you are so mean!
Do not fear! I will be your prince and protect you.

Hmm... It is getting late. Good night, Peasant.

Goodbye, Miku. I am glad I could be in your presence.