How should you spend your snow day?

Find out how you should celebrate your winter wonderland and which winter sport that would best suit you in this snowy situation!

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You're ready to post a snow pic on Instagram. You're most concerned about:

The number of likes you're going to get
If your camera captured your action shot.
Making your caption fun

You're all snuggled up on the couch. Which reality show are you tuning into?

The Voice- They work so hard
The Amazing Race-They go on adventures
Wipeout-It's so silly

Yes! Your best friend just got home from winter vacation. You're most excited to:

Ask her to play your new video game
Explore the snowy trails at the park
Catch up by sharing stories

'Fess up': What's one word your teacher would use to describe you?

Determined because I never give up!
Inquisitive because I like learning new things
Happy because I am always smiling

It's time for a Starbucks run! Which drink will you be ordering this winter?

Coffee-It's no nonsense
Something Iced-It's unusual for winter
A gingerbread Latte-So sweet

You and your pal are racing down the slop, and she beat you. You:

Are pretty angry- I really hate losing
Want to go again- It was exciting
Laugh it off- Who cares?

You need a hat to keep your ears warm today! Which would you like to wear?

One that's solid blue
One with a funky print
One with a smiley emoji

School may be canceled today, but where can we usually find you when the bell rings?

Debate team practicce
At Nature Club
At a friend's house

Time to belt it out!What's your favorite way to sing holiday songs?

At a karaoke-Style face-off with friends
Caroling around the neighbourhood
A silly song-along with pals

Which gift would you be more excited to receive?

Tickets to a sports game
A new bike
a hysterical movie