The Sorting Rat

The Sorting Rat

Academy of Aphrodite Houses: answer with your soul and find your house!

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Choose an incantation:

By Earth and Soil
By the spirits above and within
By wind and wave

Choose a witch mark:

A crescent moon
A spiral
A tribal design

Choose a door

A plain wooden door
A gnarled old door
A metal trellis

Choose a cloak:

Red with fur
Blue with lace
Pink with jewels
Purple with chains
Green with embroidery
Yellow with stitchwork

Which calls to you?

An open field with dandelions
Tall ancient columns by the ocean
A windswept desert

Choose a talisman

A selenite crystal
An animal skull
A sage bundle
A golden circlet
A ruby
An old coin

Choose a musical instrument:

A flute
A harp
A drum

In the dark, you fear most...

The unknown
Your own thoughts
The past

You want to be known as...

A lover
A wise one
A nomad

As a Goddess, you rule...

With justice
With a firm hand
Hidden away from mortals

Pick a Motto:

To thine own self be true
She be but little, but she is fierce
What will be will be