The Sorting Rat

The Sorting Rat

Academy of Aphrodite Houses: answer with your soul and find your house!

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Choose a cloak:

Red with fur
Blue with lace
Pink with jewels
Purple with chains
Green with embroidery
Yellow with stitchwork

Choose a musical instrument:

A flute
A harp
A drum

As a Goddess, you rule...

With justice
With a firm hand
Hidden away from mortals

In the dark, you fear most...

The unknown
Your own thoughts
The past

Choose a door

A plain wooden door
A gnarled old door
A metal trellis

You want to be known as...

A lover
A wise one
A nomad

Which calls to you?

An open field with dandelions
Tall ancient columns by the ocean
A windswept desert

Choose an incantation:

By Earth and Soil
By the spirits above and within
By wind and wave

Pick a Motto:

To thine own self be true
She be but little, but she is fierce
What will be will be

Choose a talisman

A selenite crystal
An animal skull
A sage bundle
A golden circlet
A ruby
An old coin

Choose a witch mark:

A crescent moon
A spiral
A tribal design