What kind of student are you? (1)

What kind of student are you? (1)

Do you go to classes or bars? Are you a party animal or ghost? Find out what kind of student you are.

published on September 23, 201617 responses 0 4.8★ / 5

How often to do attend class?

Never miss it, I’m always 10 minutes early
Only miss it if I’m very sick
Half the time, usually anything’s more fun
Never been

Where do you sit in the lecture theatre?

As close to the lecturer as I can
Never been
Wherever there’s a free seat
Up the back so I can do my own thing

You’re in the library and are asked to a party but should study, what do you do?

My friends know not to ask me because I’m always studying
Can't, doing my own thing
I um and aah but it’s clear it’s just for show, let’s get out of here
Library!? I went from the lecture to the bar

You’re asked a question in class, how do you respond?

I answered it before anyone was chosen
I wasn't in class so couldn't respond
I took a lucky guess and got it right
I was so distracted on my computer, I didn’t remember I was in a class

How do you spend your mid-semester break?

Locked in my room studying
50-50 study and friends
Spent the break doing my own thing
Didn’t notice we had a break, partied as much as usual

How do you feel about final exams?

So excited, can’t wait!
Spent too much time doing my own thing, so quite stressed
I’ve tried, what happens happens
Just a stepping point to the end of semester parties